Are you making New Year resolutions that will work?

SMART goals

We’re in the last few hours of 2012. A new year is about to begin! Traditionally (at least in our Western cultures) this has become a time to reflect on the year that has been, and for making those New Years’ resolutions. Set some goals for the year to come. As I (Judith) sit here […]

In defense of my bathroom scales and why I still keep them

I (Sharon) think many people can say they have a love-hate relationship with their bathroom scales. I know I do. They used to be a torture device, and still can be if I don’t keep myself in check. A month or so ago I found that the numbers weren’t really been moving down at the nice, even […]

Dr Sandra Cabot on coconut oil

Dr Sandra Cabot page header

The following is quoted from the newsletter of well known Australian doctor, Dr Sandra Cabot, aka `The Liver Doctor’ / `The Weight loss Doctor’. This is not the whole coconut story, but it’s good to see a positive word for this amazing food. `Coconut Oil You can consume as much coconut oil as you like – […]

Keeping a food log can bring freedom

Shapeup Club iphone app for food journal, tracking weight loss

Keeping a food log does not have to be a burden. In fact it can be something that gives us freedom. It helps us to be mindful of the actions we take…..including eating…and moving us towards success. New Year is one of those times that we tend to make all sorts of resolutions about the […]

Shapeup Club – food, exercise, weight log

Shapeup club iphone app

  This is a great little app with a nice clean interface making it both attractive and useful. It includes a food diary, exercise tracker, barcode scanner, charts for tracking weight and body measurements….and lots more. I’ve found it very simple to use and a great encouragement. The simple act of keeping a food log […]

I aimed at improving my health – so ditched grains

The Primal Blueprint book by Mark Sisson

I have been looking for ways to lose weight for a lot of years now. So after years of not being “not quite well” I started to change what I was aiming for. It really was better health. I wanted to be well again. The side affect of that has been to lose weight, yet […]

Why the change & what’s happening?

From Sharon… There are many reasons why I started on the road to a better healthy me. The big one was that I was “sick of being sick”. Cliche right?!  After a bad year in 2010 of being sick or “not quiet well” for over half of the year I knew it was time to […]