Getting serious! Taking the primal lifestyle further!

time for change

Sharon here. I make no secret of the fact that I have been feeling great since I went Primal. It’s been like a new lease on life in some ways. I have now gone through two lots of school holidays where I haven’t been totally exhausted. I have not come out of them thinking…”oh crap, […]

Cold & flu season….what to do

You’re sick with a cold or flu. Now what? For many it is a quick trip tot he pharmacy to stock up on a whole lot of medication. This past few days I (Sharon) have been sick with a respiratory `bug’ of some kind. It’s just par for the course really. Bugs go around and […]

Maternal & child health in PNG

In 2010 YWAM Australia (my husband and I work as full time volunteers with this organisation) acquired it’s own medical ship, based in Townsville, with a focus on providing aid to Papua New Guinea,  our nearest neighbour. Doctors, dentists, optometrists, ophthalmologists, nurses, midwives, educators,  and many others, volunteer to provide aid to those in need through […]