The art (& fun) of food drying

dried fruit

Summer! The time of harvest for so many beautiful fruits. And traditionally, the time for preserving fruit and vegetables for use over the colder months. Every time I go to the Farmer’s Market lately I am inspired by the abundant array of luscious fruit and veggies. Really……it’s hard to resist a tray of huge, golden mangoes!!! When […]

Basil pesto and tiny tomatoes

basil pesto recipe

Basil pesto has always been one of those things that I have thought of as a `special occasion’ item; a bit of a treat; and definitely not cheap to buy. Then of course there is the ingredients list in some of the store bought ones. They’re not all `clean’. With the fact that we’re fortunate […]

Wordless Wednesday #1 – Spring


What’s in the pantry?

People have been asking me what I keep in the pantry and the fridge. Now that I don’t have all those grain products they have thought I might have lots of empty space! Especially with just two of us. When we first decided to adopt the primal lifestyle I had a clean out of the […]