Some challenges with kids & paleo lifestyle

There are always new challenges that arise with our four kids and living paleo. A couple of weeks ago we had the first real test of our resolve to  ‘taking it further’ with the paleo lifestyle. There were two out of the routine events in the one day, both of which provided some challenges. Challenge No. […]

A primal / paleo day in our house with a Thermomix

People often ask me (Judith) `What changed when you got a Thermomix?’ So I thought I could share what a day looks like now. Please note, that our decision to go primal was made only three weeks prior to getting the Thermie, so the changes were combined. I also want to say up front that […]

Jai’s awesome muffins

I’m always on the lookout for paleo / primal goodies for hubby and grandchildren to pack in lunch boxes. In my looking around yesterday I found these great muffins on the Facebook page of Eat. Sleep. Move.  They’re called Jai’s Awesome Muffins. I wanted to change the name but couldn’t think of one, so left […]

Coco-cinnamon protein shake

A couple of days ago I was at home on my own and looking for a quick lunch. You know, something yummy, filling, and most importantly, with very little effort. I went to the cupboard and picked up a can of coconut milk and looked at it…for inspiration. In only seconds the inspiration came, and […]

Is it possible to stay primal / paleo and eat in airports?

The challenge of staying primal / paleo whilst eating in airports is a constant one for me. I’ve just spent a wonderful two and a half days catching up with friends in Cairns (in the tropical far north of Australia). I’m quite used to the travel and many of the airports are very familiar but […]

Zucchini Muffins

Zucchini muffins

One of my fondest memories of life on the farm is that of the abundant harvest of fresh vegetables we always had in the summer. There was always the problem of what to do with a bucket (10 litre / 2 gallon) of `the vegetable of the day’. Tomatoes were easy and always popular – […]

Chunky Monkey Muffins

Chunky Monkey muffins

In the early stages of our change to paleo / primal eating my hubby wanted `something’ to snack on mid afternoon. the deal was that it didn’t spike his blood sugar levels. He was asking for some of those `healthy’ muffins I used to make…..the ones with `healthy whole wheat’!  I (Judith) don’t know where […]

Paleo / Primal breakfasts for all the family

bacon and eggs

`What do I have for breakfast now that I’m doing this paleo thing?’ Such a common question. For the past fifty years (or even more) we have been conditioned to a breakfast based on grains, if indeed we ate breakfast. Packaged cereals (or rolled oats porridge if you’re doing it the really `healthy’ way), toast, […]

Ditch the grains!!

When I (Judith) first decided that I was going to try the primal lifestyle (not paleo because we still have small amounts of A2 dairy) I realized that we would have to have a major clean out of the pantry and fridge.  It had to be all or nothing. I knew that if we still […]