What would I need to do differently in order to achieve my goal?

new years resolution

Over the past few days I have read hundreds of Facebook posts where people have declared that their new years resolution is to `lose weight’. Though it may have been expressed a little differently, that’s what 99% of them came down to. In many cases the status post was followed by lots of comments about […]

Remove or reduce stress this Christmas

reduce stress at Christmas

In yesterday’s post I talked about stepping back and gaining a fresh perspective on stressful situations. Today, let’s start with a question: What makes a situation stressful? Your answer will be different to other people’s answers. What causes your cortisol levels to rise may not have that effect on another. Your stress levels are your response […]

Is Christmas a stressful situation for you?

stressful situations

Recently I was sitting at one of my favourite cafes `people watching’ and relaxing with a pot of peppermint tea. There in the mall, with a backdrop of fantastic Christmas decorations and Christmas music, was a continuous stream of people rushing by….most with some expression of pain either on their face, in the way they […]

In defense of my bathroom scales and why I still keep them

I (Sharon) think many people can say they have a love-hate relationship with their bathroom scales. I know I do. They used to be a torture device, and still can be if I don’t keep myself in check. A month or so ago I found that the numbers weren’t really been moving down at the nice, even […]

Getting serious! Taking the primal lifestyle further!

time for change

Sharon here. I make no secret of the fact that I have been feeling great since I went Primal. It’s been like a new lease on life in some ways. I have now gone through two lots of school holidays where I haven’t been totally exhausted. I have not come out of them thinking…”oh crap, […]

Taking the kids to a chiropractor


Today I took the girls to see a chiropractor. I had seen one as a child well before it was deemed “popular”. (Is it even really popular now? I don’t think so.) Many of my extended family swear by them and see them on a regular basis. I had seen one a few years ago […]

I aimed at improving my health – so ditched grains

The Primal Blueprint book by Mark Sisson

I have been looking for ways to lose weight for a lot of years now. So after years of not being “not quite well” I started to change what I was aiming for. It really was better health. I wanted to be well again. The side affect of that has been to lose weight, yet […]

We ditched the grains – how is it working six months later?

It’s now six months since we decided to go primal and ditched the grains. I thought I’d give a report on how have things been working out for us as a family so far. Generally, it’s all going very well. The only times I find it hard now are when we have those REALLY busy […]

You’ve just gotta move!! Start by walking!

I (Sharon) really got serious about walking for exercise late last year. What happened? At that time in my life I was watching Dr Oz and getting a lot out of it, and being a little depressed about my health all at the same time. I know, I know! I can hear some people thinking, […]

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

Rushing Woman's Syndrome by Libby Weaver

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome by Dr Libby Weaver is a book I wanted to `rush’ through. A friend brought home the book for me earlier this year after hearing her speak at a conference. As soon as I started reading, I knew this was a book I wanted to get everything I could from – immediately!! So […]