New year = new things on the blog

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog on the past couple of weeks. But in the background there has been a lot of things happening. We’ve just spent two weeks together on holidays in Newcastle. It was a busy time with plenty of activities with four little girls – shopping, playgrounds, the beach, […]

Don’t let unwanted ingredients undermine your paleo Christmas

vegetable oil in nuts

This is the time of year when we really want to be able to have some convenience foods on hand. Or at least be able to run to the shops to pick up the bits and pieces to make food preparation easier. Today in our Preparing for a healthy paleo Christmas series we want to alert […]

Preparing for a healthy, paleo Christmas

healthy Christmas

It’s now just eighteen days till Christmas. We’re well into that busy December time leading up to the big day….and you can feel it pressing in on you. The Christmas tree is up and decorated. Most of the gift shopping is done. But there is so much more yet to do. You’re busy!!!! Busy…. finding […]

Wordless Wednesday #2


What does our Wordless Wednesday picture say to you?

Wordless Wednesday #1 – Spring


Pumpkin Spice Mix

Pumpkin spice mix recipe

It’s the season where many of the recipes call for Pumpkin Spice Mix as we prepare to celebrate both canadian and American Thanksgiving. It’s not something we see on our supermarket shelves here in Australia so for our Canadian and American friends here is a recipe for making your own. This is so simple and […]

Dr Sandra Cabot on coconut oil

Dr Sandra Cabot page header

The following is quoted from the newsletter of well known Australian doctor, Dr Sandra Cabot, aka `The Liver Doctor’ / `The Weight loss Doctor’. This is not the whole coconut story, but it’s good to see a positive word for this amazing food. `Coconut Oil You can consume as much coconut oil as you like – […]

Keeping a food log can bring freedom

Shapeup Club iphone app for food journal, tracking weight loss

Keeping a food log does not have to be a burden. In fact it can be something that gives us freedom. It helps us to be mindful of the actions we take…..including eating…and moving us towards success. New Year is one of those times that we tend to make all sorts of resolutions about the […]

Shapeup Club – food, exercise, weight log

Shapeup club iphone app

  This is a great little app with a nice clean interface making it both attractive and useful. It includes a food diary, exercise tracker, barcode scanner, charts for tracking weight and body measurements….and lots more. I’ve found it very simple to use and a great encouragement. The simple act of keeping a food log […]

I aimed at improving my health – so ditched grains

The Primal Blueprint book by Mark Sisson

I have been looking for ways to lose weight for a lot of years now. So after years of not being “not quite well” I started to change what I was aiming for. It really was better health. I wanted to be well again. The side affect of that has been to lose weight, yet […]