Shapeup Club – food, exercise, weight log

Shapeup club iphone app

  This is a great little app with a nice clean interface making it both attractive and useful. It includes a food diary, exercise tracker, barcode scanner, charts for tracking weight and body measurements….and lots more. I’ve found it very simple to use and a great encouragement. The simple act of keeping a food log […]

Just Start Walking – iphone app

“Just Start Walking”  is a great app for tracking your walk. It tracks your walk in distance and in time. You can add your own music to your walk, or you can have the app on in the background while listening to a podcast. It opens up to the ‘home’ page of the app and […]

Tabata Timer – iphone app

I (Sharon) love my iphone and love that there are TONS of health and fitness apps available from the App Store. So when I went looking for a tabata timer I looked at a few before I settled on this one, “Tabata Timer”. It’s a nice and simple one, working on 20 seconds of exercise […]