Zucchini Flats – a convenient snack

zucchini and almond flats

Do you sometimes feel like you just want to snack on something crunchy and savoury? Here it is then! Zucchini and almond Flats. Like the label says, they’re `real veg squished into snacks’. Nice tasting, great texture, and conveniently in a package ready to go. There is a whole range of flavours in the product […]

A primal / paleo day in our house with a Thermomix

People often ask me (Judith) `What changed when you got a Thermomix?’ So I thought I could share what a day looks like now. Please note, that our decision to go primal was made only three weeks prior to getting the Thermie, so the changes were combined. I also want to say up front that […]

All things Coconut – a guide to coconut food products

Coconut juice - coconut water

With the growing recognition in Western culture of coconut oil as a healthy fat and the general health benefits of coconut we are seeing a lot about it, especially in health and well-being blogs. Of course all things coconut are very popular in the paleo / primal world. There are so many ways that we […]

Loving Earth Raw Organic Salad Sprinkle

Loving Earth Raw Organic Salad Sprinkle gives a lift to any salad. It adds a little bit of crunch and subtle flavours, and is full of goodness. Ingredients: kale, chia seeds, Styrian pumpkin seeds, really raw cashews, carrot, olive oil. Himalayan crystal salt, sweet paprika, tomato powder, cayenne pepper, corriander powder. We get ours at […]

Shapeup Club – food, exercise, weight log

Shapeup club iphone app

  This is a great little app with a nice clean interface making it both attractive and useful. It includes a food diary, exercise tracker, barcode scanner, charts for tracking weight and body measurements….and lots more. I’ve found it very simple to use and a great encouragement. The simple act of keeping a food log […]

Raw Cacao powder

Since adopting a primal / paleo lifestyle I have discovered raw cacao. What a wonderful discovery. It’s quite different in flavour to the normal supermarket brands of cocoa powder I have had in the past. It has a nice sweetness, and no bitter taste and is rich in anti-oxidants. All cocoa has anti-oxidants, right? Not […]

Ayam Premium Coconut Cream

Coconut cream

Coconut milk is one of the staples that we keep in the pantry ALL THE TIME! There are many brands available, but so far this is the only one we have found that is pure coconut milk with no additives, not even water. (I’d love to say that I make my own all the time, […]

Lovingearth drinking chocolate

This one is a real treat!! Save it for when you want a nice rich, smooth taste of a yummy hot chocolate. It does have coconut sugar in it, but none of the regular nasties (aka. additives with numbers and un-pronouncable names). For Melbournites, we got ours from Heath Food Thyme at McAdam Square, Croydon […]