Mango and yogurt icy poles

mango and yogurt icy pole

Here’s another post in our series of Preparing for a healthy, paleo Christmas. It’s just nine days till Christmas – and there’s a lot going on in our household. These past few days have been quite busy for me with our Miss Mac having surgery (tonsil and adenoids). Along with all the usual end of […]

Getting to know the farmer – Jersey / A2 milk

We have been buying very yummy `Over the Moon’ Jersey milk from the local farmer’s markets for some time, so yesterday we decided that it was time we went out to see the farm that it comes from and perhaps get to know the farmer. A quick look on the internet led us to Johnson’s […]

Water kefir – natural probiotics for a healthy digestive system

natural probiotics

I was introduced to kefir (dairy) while visiting a friend in America last year. She talked a lot about the health benefits of fermented milk products, so I came home ready to learn more about it. I knew about probiotics and was already taking a probiotic supplement, but didn’t know much about natural probiotics that […]

All things Coconut – a guide to coconut food products

Coconut juice - coconut water

With the growing recognition in Western culture of coconut oil as a healthy fat and the general health benefits of coconut we are seeing a lot about it, especially in health and well-being blogs. Of course all things coconut are very popular in the paleo / primal world. There are so many ways that we […]

What’s in the pantry?

People have been asking me what I keep in the pantry and the fridge. Now that I don’t have all those grain products they have thought I might have lots of empty space! Especially with just two of us. When we first decided to adopt the primal lifestyle I had a clean out of the […]

No grains….Now what?


Making the change to a paleo lifestyle is a huge change for most of us, particularly in the area of food. It leaves us asking the question, `Now what can I eat?’  Grains have become so much a part of our daily life that we don’t know where to turn. Let’s see if we can […]

What’s so bad about sugar anyway?

I (Sharon) want to share with you some of my efforts to try and avoid sugar. It has proven not to be not so simple.Sugar is hidden in just about every packaged/processed product out there. I went to the herb and spice section of the supermarket the other day to check out what is in […]

Ditch the grains!!

When I (Judith) first decided that I was going to try the primal lifestyle (not paleo because we still have small amounts of A2 dairy) I realized that we would have to have a major clean out of the pantry and fridge.  It had to be all or nothing. I knew that if we still […]

Why eat these new things? Kale

Judith here…. I have to say that I have not been super keen to try this one – it’s not familiar  and it just doesn’t look attractive to me. Sharon told me about her efforts with making kale `crisps’ so I tried them, but wasn’t convinced. I really am interested in the health benefits and had heard […]

Coconut flour: healthy & easy to use

I’m sure you’ve noticed that many of our recipes contain coconut flour. We’ve chosen to do this because of the health benefits, but it certainly came with its challenges.  If you are someone who is a bit intuitive (aka `creative’) with your recipes, it really will take some time to get used to baking with […]