Have a healthy Merry Christmas

cucumber finger foods

Well this time tomorrow evening it will be `the night before Christmas’. Most of  the food preparation will have been done, gifts all wrapped, and the kitchen floor mopped. Time to relax with a drink in front of the TV and  watch Carols by Candlelight from the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne. A long […]

Delicious jalepanos and bacon

jalapeños and bacon

We all know bacon is delicious and it makes other things delicious. That’s just a fact of the paleo lifestyle right??!! This is another one of those fantastic, bacon wrapped, delicious foods. Last year we planted a couple of jalapeno chilli plants, not really expecting, or getting, a big harvest. But this year they have […]

Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is a very popular cafe meal at the moment. If you leave off the croutons and check the ingredients of the dressing, it can be a `safe’ primal or paleo meal for those lunches out with friends. I love that it’s a quick and easy meal to make at home. Its nice to […]

Chicken Alfredo

I’ve been looking for some quick and easy recipes that could become a regular part of our new primal menu. I decided to adapt a regular recipe to make it work. This one for Chicken Alfredo is the result and it was a hit with all the family. Ingredients: 700 g chicken 3 cloves of […]

Coco-cinnamon protein shake

A couple of days ago I was at home on my own and looking for a quick lunch. You know, something yummy, filling, and most importantly, with very little effort. I went to the cupboard and picked up a can of coconut milk and looked at it…for inspiration. In only seconds the inspiration came, and […]

Tacos – without the grains

This is a great, grain free, gluten free recipe for young and old. You can make it up ahead of time and freeze or made up earlier on in the day for that nights dinner. Serve it in lettuce cups with all the trimmings. If you’re not dairy free, top it off with a bit […]

`I want some mashed potato’

One of the things that lots of Aussies may really miss when they make the change to a lower carbohydrate primal/paleo lifestyle is mashed potato. Who doesn’t like a nice big spoonful of them with sausages, lamb chops, a casserole and lots of other things! This was something we had to deal with when my […]

What’s for lunch? (Thinking outside the box)

Let’s work on the kids lunchbox now. It’s not an easy place to start, is it? Have a look in most kids lunchboxes and there is something in a packet of some sort – much of it processed. Packets are easy to throw in of a morning and you really don’t have to think about […]

Piri Piri Chicken

I found a piri piri chicken recipe  in a magazine and just had to adapt it for Paleo eating. So here it is with all my changes. I have made it a few times now and I look forward to it being a standard favourite meal in our family. Piri Piri Chicken Serves 4 2 […]

Hot Sauce alternative to “Red Hot” Hot Sauce

I was trying to make a sauce to go with a recipe Buffalo Chicken Mini Meatloaf (I’ll post it tomorrow) as it asked for Hot Sauce. It uses Red Hot sauce in her version. Of course we don’t have that (at least not in the stores I go to) here in Australia. So it was […]