Are you making New Year resolutions that will work?

SMART goals

We’re in the last few hours of 2012. A new year is about to begin! Traditionally (at least in our Western cultures) this has become a time to reflect on the year that has been, and for making those New Years’ resolutions. Set some goals for the year to come. As I (Judith) sit here […]

Thriving through the holidays – inspiration from Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn on Christmas

`I believe our holiday times should be wonderful and filled with lasting and enjoyable moments and memories. So how can we ensure that we come out of the holidays in January with great memories of the past month?’ My thoughts….but not my words. Recently, I was reading and reflecting on the Christmas holiday time and […]

Preparing for a healthy, paleo Christmas

healthy Christmas

It’s now just eighteen days till Christmas. We’re well into that busy December time leading up to the big day….and you can feel it pressing in on you. The Christmas tree is up and decorated. Most of the gift shopping is done. But there is so much more yet to do. You’re busy!!!! Busy…. finding […]

Is sun exposure a safe way to get Vitamin D?

The amount of discussion about Vitamin D  in the media over the past two years is more than enough to leave people confused as they try to fit all the pieces together and make appropriate choices for themselves and their families. Is sun exposure safe? Should we use sunscreen? There are many questions. Let’s look […]

Can primal / paleo `rub off’ on your partner?

Just a short one today. It can be encouraging to see that your primal or paleo lifestyle does rub off on those around you. I got a call the other day from my husband who had been out of town working for a few days. On arrival home he asked what was for dinner. I […]

Some challenges with kids & paleo lifestyle

There are always new challenges that arise with our four kids and living paleo. A couple of weeks ago we had the first real test of our resolve to  ‘taking it further’ with the paleo lifestyle. There were two out of the routine events in the one day, both of which provided some challenges. Challenge No. […]

A primal / paleo day in our house with a Thermomix

People often ask me (Judith) `What changed when you got a Thermomix?’ So I thought I could share what a day looks like now. Please note, that our decision to go primal was made only three weeks prior to getting the Thermie, so the changes were combined. I also want to say up front that […]

Keeping a food log can bring freedom

Shapeup Club iphone app for food journal, tracking weight loss

Keeping a food log does not have to be a burden. In fact it can be something that gives us freedom. It helps us to be mindful of the actions we take…..including eating…and moving us towards success. New Year is one of those times that we tend to make all sorts of resolutions about the […]

We ditched the grains – how is it working six months later?

It’s now six months since we decided to go primal and ditched the grains. I thought I’d give a report on how have things been working out for us as a family so far. Generally, it’s all going very well. The only times I find it hard now are when we have those REALLY busy […]

Is it possible to stay primal / paleo and eat in airports?

The challenge of staying primal / paleo whilst eating in airports is a constant one for me. I’ve just spent a wonderful two and a half days catching up with friends in Cairns (in the tropical far north of Australia). I’m quite used to the travel and many of the airports are very familiar but […]