Mango and yogurt icy poles

mango and yogurt icy pole

Here’s another post in our series of Preparing for a healthy, paleo Christmas. It’s just nine days till Christmas – and there’s a lot going on in our household. These past few days have been quite busy for me with our Miss Mac having surgery (tonsil and adenoids). Along with all the usual end of […]

Nutrient rich icy treats – ginger, mint, pomegranate

healthy icy poles

It’s summer here in Australia so one of the staples in my kitchen at this time of year is Icy Poles (or an `ice block’). The kids love these nutrient rich icy treats, thus there have been lots of experiments happening in my kitchen recently. Of course Icy Poles tend not to be a really […]

Is sun exposure a safe way to get Vitamin D?

The amount of discussion about Vitamin D  in the media over the past two years is more than enough to leave people confused as they try to fit all the pieces together and make appropriate choices for themselves and their families. Is sun exposure safe? Should we use sunscreen? There are many questions. Let’s look […]

Coconut sugar chocolate icing mix

With the many birthdays and other special occasions associated with four little girls at school and kinder, I really wanted to have something that seemed a bit `normal’ for them to take for these times. The muffins were’t the problem, it was all that processed white sugar on the top! I wanted a substitute that […]

Some challenges with kids & paleo lifestyle

There are always new challenges that arise with our four kids and living paleo. A couple of weeks ago we had the first real test of our resolve to  ‘taking it further’ with the paleo lifestyle. There were two out of the routine events in the one day, both of which provided some challenges. Challenge No. […]

Getting serious! Taking the primal lifestyle further!

time for change

Sharon here. I make no secret of the fact that I have been feeling great since I went Primal. It’s been like a new lease on life in some ways. I have now gone through two lots of school holidays where I haven’t been totally exhausted. I have not come out of them thinking…”oh crap, […]

Taking the kids to a chiropractor


Today I took the girls to see a chiropractor. I had seen one as a child well before it was deemed “popular”. (Is it even really popular now? I don’t think so.) Many of my extended family swear by them and see them on a regular basis. I had seen one a few years ago […]

We ditched the grains – how is it working six months later?

It’s now six months since we decided to go primal and ditched the grains. I thought I’d give a report on how have things been working out for us as a family so far. Generally, it’s all going very well. The only times I find it hard now are when we have those REALLY busy […]

Zucchini Muffins

Zucchini muffins

One of my fondest memories of life on the farm is that of the abundant harvest of fresh vegetables we always had in the summer. There was always the problem of what to do with a bucket (10 litre / 2 gallon) of `the vegetable of the day’. Tomatoes were easy and always popular – […]

Teaching kids to use the school canteen wisely

One of the challenges with the kids at school for hours each day is that there is less control over what they eat, and school is not a primal lifestyle friendly environment. I (Sharon) thought I’d share with you some of the challenges and the approach I have taken to them. We had only really […]