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judith blogHi! I’m Judith, the mother part of this mother/daughter partnership. (Yes, Sharon’s mum.) My story is longer….just because I’m older (LOL).

Like my mum, I have been interested in health and wellbeing for most of my adult life. Some of my Mum’s interest came from having a child who had been overweight from six months of age (me!!) For many years I worked as a midwife and was involved in coaching parents in pre-natal classes and post-natal follow-up, so had an active role in promoting health and wellness.

I am one of those people who has `tried everything’ to lose weight, but nothing worked. Thus I had gotten to the place of being seriously overweight, in my fifties, and concerned about how that would affect me in years to come. Then in mid 2007 I was introduced to a range of nutritional supplements, information, and people which gave me a sense of hope.

I began to focus on good health as opposed to weight loss.

At a conference (health related) I heard a speaker who inspired me enormously. One significant statement he made was, `without knowledge, people perish’. I knew from that moment that I needed to get some up to date knowledge ……so I began to do my own informal study of nutrition and wellbeing.

Alongside all of this, my husband had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2000. He was determined that as a fifty year old, he had a lot of life to live and a lot of things yet to do in life. I was able to tap into my background as a nurse and we were able to see his blood sugar levels stabilised quickly….and to this day he does not take any medication for diabetes. However, he has had two heart attacks (side effects from the diabetes) and has recovered well. In fact, he is lean, very active, and generally healthy.

So, for just over five years I have been focussing on a healthy lifestyle….. and it’s been quite a journey.

The greatest degree of success has definitely been since the beginning of 2012 when we embraced the primal/paleo lifestyle. No grains, no added sugar, no processed foods, and minimal dairy as well as good sleep, stress management, and functional movement.

I would have thought this to have been hard…..until I tried it. And the changes have been fantastic!!! Slow, steady weight loss, general increase in energy levels, improved sleep, clear skin, no fuzzy thinking……the list goes on.

I love to learn (in very practical ways) and I love to coach others.

I love to show people how small, consistent changes in their diet and lifestyle  can make significant differences in their health and well-being.

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