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We’re Judith and Sharon (mother and daughter) and we’ve been writing the Living for Life blog since July 2012.

We had often both been asked by friends and family about our lifestyle changes – going from a S.A.D./conventional diet to a Primal/Paleo way of living. They encouraged us to help a larger group of people through a blog.

So, with our combined love of technology, and a desire to help others in the area of health and wellness, and good `old fashioned living’, we are here. Here to share our experiences and help you.

 Judith and Sharon

 You can find out more about each of us by going to our individual profiles. Judith’s profile here and Sharon’s profile here.

Our blog is about lifestyle – how we eat, sleep, move and think. Our desire is to educate, equip, and even entertain you and develop a supportive community where we all find success on our individual journeys together.

Our focus is on all natural, gluten free, sugar free, grain free, and mostly paleo/primal based foods. We have particular interest and experience in the areas of kids with leaky gut, allergies, autism spectrum disorders, prevention and management of type 2 diabetes, and arthritic conditions. 

Sometimes the frustration of trying to find what you need can stop families and individuals from going on further with the Primal/Paleo lifestyle. We hope that by sharing our discoveries with you we can help you get that step closer to achieving your life’s goals. Our hope is to be able to provide many items via an online shop in the future.

We encourage you to consider the lifestyle factors of how you eat, sleep, move and think in the promotion of health and wellness. Our approach is one of wellness and prevention rather than diagnosis and treatment.

We’d love to show you how some small changes can make a huge difference in your life.


Please note: We are not medical practitioners, nor in any medical field. We do not diagnose or prescribe. Any advice we offer is not intended as a substitute for a consultation with a medical practitioner and is not medical advice. The information we give is our own opinion, based on our learning and experience and is for educational purposes only.

We want to make it clear that we are not paid to review or promote any products or services. Nor do we post reviews about products or services that we do not believe in or use ourselves. If this were to change for any reason we will let you know.


When leaving a comment on this blog we ask for an email address to prevent spam. Be assured that this information will not be shared with anyone.





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