Getting to know us


Hi! My name is Sharon. I am a wife and mother to 4 girls.  Miss Ames (9),  Miss Rae (6), Miss Mac (5) and Miss Kooks (3).

I love to read, cook with a little bit of technology chucked in there as well.

With lots of reading and the help of technology I started to look into the paleo/primal lifestyle. I was sick of being sick and seeing my family suffering too. So I started changing my lifestyle and improving my health and my families with it.

I wanted to start a blog for a long time and now….(yeah…it’s here!!!!) So I hope this inspires you to cook wonderful, healthy, gluten free and grain free snacks, deserts and meals for you and your family.

Enjoy looking around and I hope you take away something that you can use in your life.


And I’m Judith. Mother of Sharon (& her brother) and grand-mother to all those little girls.

Like Sharon, I like to read, but more than that, I love to learn.  And, yes, I love technology. My iPhone, iPad, MacBook etc. certainly make me more productive in the area of communications.

For quite a few years I have had a strong focus on healthy lifestyle and embracing all that that means. I have found myself coaching many people and I hope that this blog will be a tool to motivate and equip others in their quest for health and wellbeing.

Please leave us your comments or questions.

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