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Coconut oil has certainly grown in popularity in the last few years. Facebook is littered with posts about the benefits and uses of coconut oil. Yes, we put some of those on there too! (Because we love it!!!)

But in reality, how much do you actually use coconut oil in your life?

How much do you get in your diet? How much do you use it externally on your body? How much do you use it in your household environment?

I’ve been asking a few people recently and discovering that, yes, they know about the uses of this amazing oil, but they don’t actually use it themselves in many ways. When I ask further I discover that people have the knowledge of what coconut oil is good for, but they don’t know how to use it to get those benefits. There’s a gap in their understanding.

So today, rather then focus on the health benefits of coconut oil, I want to talk about actually using it. I want you to see how it can very easily fit into your day to day life.

Let’s start a typical day…

First thing is always a shower for me. It’s one of those routines that launches me into the day.

Before I step into the shower I grab a spoonful of coconut oil and begin to swish it around in my mouth. And continue to do so while I have the shower. This dental health practice is called oil pulling. Learn more about it from Katie at The Wellness Mama.

Out of the shower – and spit the oil into the rubbish bin. I don’t want to wash it down the drain as it may set hard and block the drain.

Tip: Keep a jar of coconut oil in the bathroom so you’re not always running to the kitchen for it.

Coconut oil is my after shower moisturiser. It’s especially great for soft, smooth feeling feet, cuticles, smoothing dry elbows and arms. And it literally feeds your face providing it with essential nutrients. Just use it anywhere you would use moisturizer. So much cheaper than all the fancy brand name products – and with no suspicious ingredients.

How? Simply grab a small amount, rub it between your fingers to warm it up so that it’s easily spreadable, and slather it on. I love to add a few drops of a favourite Essential Oil. My favourite `wake me up’, morning oil is Twenty8’s Energy and vitality Synergy Blend.

It’s summer here so our coconut oil is liquid all the time – so there’s no need to warm it. If you’re in a colder area you may need to dig your coconut oil out of the jar.prevent stretch marks

Another great thing about using it on your body is that it is a natural sunscreen. Coconut oil has a Sun Protection Factor of around 4…which builds up as you use it regularly.

Coconut oil is also a great after shave (for guys and girls) – just slather it on after shaving. And don’t forget to dab some under your arms as a deodorant.

Tip: Carry a small container of a coconut oil lip balm in your bag for lovely shiny, smooth lips.

It can cost a bomb to buy so we make our own. I promise a recipe soon.

At the end of the day, coconut oil is a wonderful facial cleanser. (I won’t go into the reasons for why it works here – just know that it does.)

Take about a teaspoon full of coconut oil in your hands and rub it between your fingers to warm and soften it. Slather this on your face and neck. Then take a warm to hot wet wash cloth and put over your face for a few seconds. Rub gently to clean the skin. (This feels sooooo nice!!!) Your skin will be beautifully clean as the coconut oil has dissolved all the dirt and oils (and makeup) that have accumulated on your skin throughout the day. Now moisturise with some more coconut oil and you’re done.

Now let’s move to the kitchen…

I try to make sure I am getting some coconut oil at every meal. It helps make the meal satisfying, and has that wonderful energy and metabolism boosting effect.

Eggs are a standard breakfast item for us, so they get cooked in coconut oil. And we often have left over vegetables (re-heated in the Thermomix using the Varoma) with our eggs, so a dollop of butter/coconut oil goes well with them.

If I’m having an early start (or a rushed start) to the day I will sometimes whip up a paleo smoothie for breakfast. (Though drinking my meal is not a preference.) If I do that I make sure that I am adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to it. The trick is to have the coconut oil liquid and add it at the very end – with the motor running. Otherwise as soon as it hits the cold ingredients it will set like a rock and you will have a not-so-smoothie with crunchy chunks of coconut oil through it. OK if you like that – but I don’t.

Lunch time is often a soup – so it’s easy to just add a spoonful of coconut oil in the cooking process. You don’t even notice it’s there but you’re getting the benefit of it. A favourite for us is pumpkin soup using coconut milk as the liquid in it. And coconut milk it full of beautiful coconut oil.

Salad is also a standard for lunch for us. I make my own egg mayonnaise using a combination of olive oil and coconut oil. I also make simple oil and vinegar dressings using the combination of both oils.

Some other ways we use coconut oil in our food are:

  • Our popular coconut energizer snacks which are pretty much all coconut & coconut oil. (You’ll see our original recipe had some coconut sugar in it – we don’t add that now.)
  • Dark chocolate – home-made with coconut oil
  • Coconut milk drinks such as chai latte or hot chocolate
  • A dollop of coconut oil in a cup of coffee or tea
  • A spoonful of coconut oil straight out of the jar as an energy boost…especially immediately before or after a workout.

The possibilities really are endless.

I’ve given you just a few ways that you can use coconut oil and begin to get some of its benefits. I suggest you stock up on this beautiful oil and get started. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.

And if you’re already using coconut oil, how about you share some of those ways. Leave us a comment below.

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