Playing outdoors makes kids strong1 min read

I love this big, huge playground not far from my Nan and Pa’s place in Newcastle. It’s great for playing outdoors and getting some exercise.

These ropes are great. You have to use lots of muscles to climb over the whole course. You use your legs, arms, shoulders and you have to push and pull and do lots of balancing. It makes you strong.
When you’re outside playing in the sun you get lots of vitamin D too. That’s important to keep you healthy and so you don’t get sick.


  1. Hi Amey,
    I think you’re becoming a great blogger!
    My kids are aged 6, 5 & 3 and they love this sort of equipment at the park too.
    Thanks for the reminder of how good it is for them. We might go to the park tomorrow after school.
    P.S. Your mum and I used to play together a lot.

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