Juicing vegetables with Mum1 min read

This is a lot of healthy vegetables. They’re good for making salads and they’re good for making juices too.

Mummy makes juice for us all every morning and we have it with our breakfast because it has lots of good vitamins and minerals. I don’t always like the ones she makes, especially when she puts kale, or spinach or beetroot in them.
Yesterday she made a really good one with apple, orange, carrot, cucumber, ginger, lemon, and a bit of fresh tumeric. It was really GOOD. I had a taste of Mummy’s juice, and accidentally drank nearly all of it. LOL.


  1. I am doing a green juice challenge at the moment and my boys are really starting to get used to them now. This is a great combo might try it tomorrow

    1. How did your boys go with your challenge? Did they like the combination Amey posted?


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