`The Paleo Coach’ by Jason Seib – our latest `Best Book’4 min read

`The Paleo Coach’, by Jason Seib (released last week) gets my `Best Book of the Year’ award for 2013!!!!

I’ve been hanging out for this book to be released. Thus, I downloaded the Kindle version (just $9.99) on Thursday morning, and was already reading it for the second time on Friday!!! Because I’ve been listening to Jason’s podcasts  for a few months I was hearing the book in his voice. He really has written the book just as he speaks which is very refreshing.

Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo says in the Foreword of the book:

`So how will this book help you? This book does explain what Paleo is and why it works and the basic science and principles of the lifestyle form Jason’s perspective, but thank goodness it is not just another Paleo book. Jason is the tough kind of coach who makes you sit down fast and listen. He’s the loving kind of coach who knows how to say exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it. ……..
Jason pours his heart and soul into his message. His strongest desire is to make sure that when you put this book down you will have the confidence to take on the Paleo challenge, that you will understand why this lifestyle is the answer you’ve been searching for, and that you will revel in the power you have to be the healthiest and most vibrant person you can be.’

That pretty much sums it up for me. But for those who want a little more……here’s a few more specifics.

The book is divided in three sections – each one focussing on an aspect of a healthy lifestyle: how we Think, Eat, and Move.


This section includes things like getting a right perspective, knowing what are your real goals, knowing why you are doing this. He asks the hard questions about your motivation…. and talks about how the strength of your motivation governs what you actually do (or don’t do). I found this section to be filled with incredibly practical ways to understanding my own level of motivation, and how to adjust my thinking about some things.

Quote from this section: `You can’t fix a body you hate’


Jason Seib says in this section: `Paleo is a lens through which we examine our nutrition.

This section deals with food and covers what to include, what to avoid, and the maybe list – things that may or may not be OK. It builds a framework for eating in a way that promotes good health. For those who need it, there is also a 21 day Jump Start section with a meal plan and recipes.

If you listen to the podcasts you will already realise that Jason Seib is not one to tread softly around a topic. He tells it like it is. Here’s an example as he writes about the need to clean out your kitchen to avoid the temptation of eating `off plan’:

`You may succumb to Sudden Onset Weakness Syndrome for a moment or two, but a house free of temptation means this too shall pass. The very second you decide to embark on your extended period of strict Paleo, you must clean out your kitchen! I don’t care what you do with the contents, but it has to go. At the risk of sounding a little harsh, you are not serious if your kitchen still harbours the enemy. Get serious.’

This section covers the Paleo perspective on exercise…..and it’s probably not what you expect it to be. Bottom line….Keep it simple – but do it!!!

Quote from this section: `Exercise is a non-negotiable part of the deal you will need to make with your body.’

All the way through there are stories from people Jason Seib coaches. Stories of struggles and success. Stories that demonstrate the principles of the book in practice in real life examples.

I know that this post is about the book, but I have to include this: Both Sharon and I have been going to our local chiropractors who have been coaching us on Paleo lifestyle – all the time talking about how we eat, move and think. (We are very grateful for your ongoing encouragement Bryce and Brett.)  They’ve not written books (yet), so it’s great to have a book that supports what they are saying.

As I said at the start, `The Paleo Coach’ gets our Best Book award. It will certainly be one that gets used again, and again, and again.

Have you purchased this book yet? How has it helped you already?  Leave a comment to let everyone know.


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