Introducing `Amey’s Angle’1 min read

Today sees a new section to our blog, `Amey’s Angle’. It’s Amey (9) sharing things (mainly for kids and families) from a kids perspective. She has a list of foods, recipes, ideas, and pictures that she is developing for publishing.

It’s been exciting over the past year to see our kids learning about, and living a healthy lifestyle. They’ve really embraced the changes well. They ask lots of questions about why things are or aren’t good for their health, and they really want to share about it with other families and kids. Thus Amey asked to have her own little section on the blog and has been planning for her contribution to ‘Amey’s Angle’

The picture here was taken a couple of weeks ago. We were at a local coffee shop working on the blog so Amey came along to contribute on her thoughts and ideas. (She loves going out to cafes!!) We’re looking forward to seeing what develops with it.


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