Preparing for a healthy, paleo Christmas

healthy ChristmasIt’s now just eighteen days till Christmas. We’re well into that busy December time leading up to the big day….and you can feel it pressing in on you. The Christmas tree is up and decorated. Most of the gift shopping is done. But there is so much more yet to do.

You’re busy!!!!

  • finding the Christmas recipes – looking for Christmas healthy recipes
  • shopping for food – `I want to stick to my paleo diet over the Christmas season.’
  • shopping for gifts – no matter how much you plan, there always seems to be that someone you forget to buy for
  • the end of school parties – `Gotta get a gift for the teacher yet.’ Have to go shopping.
  • people dropping by unexpectedly – `Oh no! What am I going to give them to eat?’  Have to go to the shops to get something!
  • friends or family coming to stay – more food shopping!
  • planning and packing to go away for holidays after Christmas (Us Aussies have school holidays through all of January so many people have their annual holidays then.)

`The shopping centre is crowded, there’s no parking, people everywhere…..I’ve forgotten what I came here for…..’ Agh!! HELP!

With all of these things going on your life you can easily focus on the food aspect of the celebration and your life can get out of balance. Even if you get the food part right and eat healthy Christmas food, you can tend to forget some of the other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, or even decide to set them aside `just for now’. It’s easy to settle for survival, rather than going for the goal of thriving.

Don’t  set yourself up for failure. over this festive season…for feeling bad about yourself, for feeling bad physically because of the choices you’ve made. Who wants to feel yukky for days afterward a special occassion? Not me! Not you!

As you go through this time of food, fun, food, friends, food, family, and frenzy, it is important to be conscious of how you eat, sleep, move, and think. To take care of your wellbeing.

Over next eighteen days we will be posting things to help you prepare for a wonderful Christmas where you come out of it feeling pleased with yourself in every area. Things to help you not just survive, but truly thrive over the Christmas season.

There will be some Christmas recipes, (Christmas healthy recipes!!), tips to deal with stress, sleep, exercise….and of course some more recipes and healthy Christmas food ideas.

We want to encourage all of our readers to join in as we support and encourage one another through what can prove to be a `tricky’ time. Would you share your ideas and answers?

Here goes: What’s your greatest challenge over the Christmas season?  Look out for the first of daily posts tomorrow.


  1. My greatest challenge is being organised and on time with it all. I write lists etc and and I still manage to misplace them and forget something to put on them.
    This year I’m a little more organised though. Im pretty much house bound for a few weeks before Christmas so if I forget it….it most likely won’t happen!!

    • Lists can be never ending. In fact, they can be overwhelming. I’ve found that the best way is to take the things that are on a to do list and put them into a schedule. That way there is a time set for them to be done. Steven Covey’s Big Rocks principle – it really does take the pressure off. (J)

  2. Thanks for the health tips… It really helps, because here in the islands..festive seasons here is unlike any other…The ongoing feastings and meeting friends and relatives will not stop with this season…hahah..I know…very unusual but Tonga is one of the Pacific islands that has very sociable people and are tighlty linked with everyone…One doesnt have to be related to be invited to a family or friends big occasion!…Anyways..enuff about islanders….Love you Judith and the work you are promoting..!!

    • I can only imagine a Tongan Christmas feast!!!!! There is no such thing as a family celebration without a mountain of food is there. I love your culture and treasure our Tongan friends. You really do know the value of family and celebration. Thanks for your encouraging comments Anna. (Judith)

  3. Heather Wright says:

    Really encouraged to stick to my plan for a Healthy Paleo Christmas… I have the menu, and a shopping and cooking plan. Starting to cook Paleo treats to freeze tomorrow… to offer unexpected guests… and for snax at Christmas. I am collecting my recipes on Pinterest (of course).
    I plan to make a couple of Paleo Christmas Cakes as gifts also… and put a couple in the freezer at the same time. So far, so good.

    • So glad that you are being encouraged Heather. We’ve felt that we should write a series of short posts just for that purpose over this hectic time. I’ve been experimenting with one of Mum’s Christmas cake recipes – with great success!! The recipe is set to go up on the blog in a couple of days.


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