Can primal / paleo `rub off’ on your partner?

Just a short one today. It can be encouraging to see that your primal or paleo lifestyle does rub off on those around you.

I got a call the other day from my husband who had been out of town working for a few days. On arrival home he asked what was for dinner. I was making up meatballs and veggies for the kids and then I heard sweet music to my ears…….”I’ve been craving veggies”….queue the heavens opening type music here.

Nothing like a bit of take away to make the stomach grow fonder. He had been working long hours at a country show (County Fair for our American readers) where there’s not much opportunity for him to get a decent meal. He had been eating what we like to call “crap food”.

Disclaimer (as he reads this): My DH does very well with his eating but still eats grains and other non-paleo/primal things at times. He has been great though, and tends to keep it to when he’s at work or out and about without the kids.

So, hang in there all of you who live with someone who has not embraced your pale/primal lifestyle. Little by little the benefits will show, and your health habits will rub off on those closest to you.

Please leave us your comments or questions.

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