Coconut Energisers – experimenting with flavours

Coconut energisers have quickly become a popular item in our households. The kids love them as a filling, healthy treat. Pa loves them as an mid afternoon (or mid anytime) energy boosting snack. And lots of people who come to our house sneak into the fridge to find one.

So we have been experimenting with new flavours that go with the coconut and coconut oil base. We thought it was time to share some of the favourites with you. Rather than flood you will them all at once, we’ll add them to this page as the experiments happen. Perhaps you will have some flavours you would like to add. Please feel free to share them in the comments section.

1. Apricot

As you can see we use moulds (silicone chocolate moulds can be found quite cheaply on eBay). For this one, finely chop up some dried apricot (organic, with no added sulphurs etc) and put a few pieces in the mould before you pour in the coconut mix. It gives a nice soft, flavour burst centre to the Energiser.


  1. Jade Baravilala says:

    So excited! I LUV eating coconut energizers!!

  2. I put chopped dried fig in mine (without the nasties of course), very yummy!


  1. […] Blueberries – wash, `crack’ and dry. `Cracking’ is required to break the skin of most berries so that they will dry. Drop them into a pot of gently boiling water for no longer than 1 minute. Then put them straight into some iced water so that they don’t cook. (OK. So that was a technical bit!!) We like to put some of these into our Coconut Energisers. […]

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