Some challenges with kids & paleo lifestyle

There are always new challenges that arise with our four kids and living paleo. A couple of weeks ago we had the first real test of our resolve to  ‘taking it further’ with the paleo lifestyle. There were two out of the routine events in the one day, both of which provided some challenges.

Challenge No. 1.  Miss Mac had our school’s `breakfast at school’ for the prep kids.

My first thought was ”It’s OK,  it’s only a one off”.  Then I kicked myself and got to work on what I was going to take. It was all pretty easy – after I had made the decision. The most resistant to the idea was Miss Mac herself (even though I was the one with the extra work). She cracked it at me and then after a talk from her dad, not another word. Funny how that’s happened (he’s the one who hasn’t fully embraced the paleo lifestyle).

Here’s how it went…..I made our baked eggs in the oven a little later than I usually would and popped them into a heated container and went off to school. I have a great Pyrex dish that has a hot and cold pack for the bottom so it keeps it (in this case) hot/warm.

I decided to stay with the class just to see how she went with it all. First she was hesitant and a little nervous. She was the only one with something different after all. Then, after a few comments from teachers and parents about rathering the baked eggs and bacon, she tucked into it. There was only one comment from another child asking if Miss Mac had an allergy or not. This seems to be the norm and kids seem to expect that if someone doesn’t eat something, it’s allergy related.

So this one turned out to be nice and easy. It all hinged on me making the decision that I was not going to cave in to what seemed to be an easy alternative.

Challenge No. 2   Miss Rae’s birthday and the celebrations at school.

It’s routine for the class to have some sort of celebration of a child’s birthday – usually with a cake of some kind, lollies etc. So after my little bit of a lament about all the lollies and so forth at school, I had to come up with something different. (For parents of kids at our school reading this, I’m being totally transparent here.)

Unfortunately I was also feeling a bit run down and just not feeling great. So I was going to go with the Freddo frog as a treat for the class. Nice and easy, and really a cheats way of doing something without doing much. But I wasn’t happy with that option.

I went off to the supermarket to get some things for dinner and instead I got sidetracked (as I do when I don’t have kids with me) and went to look around the health food section. While in there I came across a few Gluten Free ready mix cakes. I know, not really paleo/primal either. But it was close enough for me to feel like I was still doing something for my daughter, yet sticking (pretty much) to our family’s eating style.

So it was…..Gluten Free packet mix cupcakes for school. My kids loved them and a couple of days later I got asked what I had made and what the recipe was. Argh!  If only I had created something amazing. At least I know they got eaten and now I have a backup for those rough weeks and birthdays.

Next birthday (December) I am hoping to be HEAPS more organised and make truly primal/paleo cupcakes.

Our next event was Miss Rae’s actual birthday party. We decided that this one was to be totally paleo/primal so food wise it was certainly a bit different from the usual. (At least that was the plan.) More on that one later.

Please leave us your comments or questions.

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