In defense of my bathroom scales and why I still keep them

I (Sharon) think many people can say they have a love-hate relationship with their bathroom scales. I know I do. They used to be a torture device, and still can be if I don’t keep myself in check. A month or so ago I found that the numbers weren’t really been moving down at the nice, even pace. Well not to my satisfaction anyway. Before going on here I will say that I am well aware of weight plateaus etc. I get that! So here goes…..


Even though I have been feeling better and eating right, the scales don’t seem to be telling me that
the weight is coming off. This is where I have to change my thinking about scales and numbers. I am feeling
healthier and looking healthier and that is what really matters for me. On the flipside though
is the fact that I have to lose more weight to get more benefits to my health. I’m not at a healthy weight and I
need to be doing something different. So what’s the deal?

Revenge is sweet

The revenge I have on my scales is that people are still commenting on how good I am looking and
asking me if I have been losing more weight. Of course I can say `Yes’ as I am still losing, just not as much as I’d like.  My body shape is changing and I usually find that when my body shape changes the weight-loss follows. The ultimate revenge on my scales is that I went out shopping the other day and picked up a
dress for a wedding….one dress size smaller than I have been able to fit into since…….way too long to
remember. Eat that scales!!!!

In defence of my scales

For the moment I have kept my scales around. Mainly to measure what affects my weight and what
causes it to go up and down so much. I have pretty much got a handle on it and now don’t get the
emotional swings caused by stepping onto the scales. Victory!!!

Re-purposed (is there such a word?)

I’ve found a new purpose for my scales. I have them work for me and not against me. I take a whole lot more notice of my body than I used to so I use my scales to help tweak what I am doing in taking care of it.

Things I’ve learned

  • I find that if I don’t sleep enough my weight can go up.
  • If I don’t eat the right foods the inflammation in my body build and my weight goes up.
  • (Guys, you might want to think “elevator music” till the end of this sentence……) When I get my period my weight fluctuates wildly.
  • Exercise can even cause fluctuations.
  • Muscle can also be a factor as when we build muscle it changes what we weigh.

There are many different reasons as to why our weight fluctuates and it tends to reflect on those

Will I or won’t I?

Now the question is…..will I or won’t I keep them? Very good question. For the moment they are
still in the bathroom. I do need to have them there to make sure I am doing the right thing and I am
losing weight. I still get on them every couple of days but I generally try not to let those number
freak me out too much so limit their use. I also still use them to make sure that Miss Mac is putting
on weight and she uses them as an experiment tool. She will get on and check her weight. Goes and
has some water and comes back to see how much her weight has changed. Good lessons in science
and self image there.

So do you still use your scales or do you find that they freak you out too much? Would love some discussion on this one.

Please leave us your comments or questions.

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