Getting serious! Taking the primal lifestyle further!

Sharon here.

I make no secret of the fact that I have been feeling great since I went Primal.

It’s been like a new lease on life in some ways. I have now gone through two lots of school holidays where I haven’t been totally exhausted. I have not come out of them thinking…”oh crap, here we go again …..back to the grind of things”. I (happily) can’t even tell you how many weeks there are in this term of school! Ok, I have a general idea but I haven’t started a countdown to the end.

So, I have been feeling great, BUT I know that I am not at my optimum state of health. Not that I’ve felt that way in a long time, or even remember what optimal health is like. I just know I’m not there yet. I am also not happy with my family’s health. I have been thinking for a few weeks now that we need to take things further. We have taken the first step ditched the grains, now we need to be dealing with the specific health issues.


I have maintained my weight-loss for a while now, but I am not really shifting it in a downwards direction now. I know I have not been as strict as I should be. I have to be more prepared when it comes to meals and making sure we take things if we want food when we go out to family/friends gatherings.

I have managed to cut out coffee though. After having a `gastro bug’ a month or so ago I never really felt like it. Exercise, or lack of, is another one of my downfalls. Weather isnt my friend here in Melbourne but I’m looking forward to getting out into the garden more with the (hopefully soon to be) better weather.

I am very pleased with Miss Ames. I believe that she has had a bit of a turn around in her health. All of us BUT her, got sick when we had gastro go through our house (and most of the school by the sounds of it.) Normally she picks up a bug in a sterile room. She was that bad. Even though I haven’t had her formally tested for leaky gut, it has been suspected that is what has been happening with her. Now I think we are on the home run in regards to that.

Just before the holidays we also had a bit of a bad run with Miss Rae and her asthma. She had one of the worst times she has ever had. Even had to have a day off school. This is from a child who, for the first half of the year only had one day sick. She is generally, I believe, a happy healthy child apart from that bit of asthma she gets for a few months of the year.

My main reason for this re-assessment is for Miss Mac. Poor chicken has really been put through the wringer for a lot of years now. She is currently going through testing to see if she needs to have her adenoids out (due to persistent blocked ears). It’s a relatively minor operation, but any operation is not to be taken lightly. So from now till I get results and another appointment, we are going to be a whole lot more strict with things.

I also find it hard to send her for surgery when the reason the adenoids are enlarged at her age is usually because of infection. I am a tad concerned with the fact that no Dr yet has mentioned this.  Shouldn’t we be treating the cause of the infection? It will still be there wont it? Although…… I have also read that once the adenoids are out the symptoms all (more than not) go away.

I am also finding it hard as the adenoids are part of our immunity defence and gateway to our stomach. I will see how the next couple of months go and when we get out next appointment at the specialists.

I also have a dilema with Miss Kooks. Her hearing has been down for a while now. It is persistent but she doesn’t have the same problems as Miss Mac when it comes to the adenoids. Ears can be a pretty tricky one, but part of her treatment is our current visits to the Chiropractor (as well as the audiologist and ear, nose and throat specialist).

What to do?

Disease and immunity start in the gut so we really need to start there to fight disease. Having said that, I believe we have to work on that in our family. Healing the gut.

Currently I am working on the “clean-ness”  of our diet.

It means things like NO cheat days. That isn’t as easy as you would think. Two of the kids just came home from school with lollies from a kids birthday. I will say here that have NO problems with them being handed out etc. Its just not our choice to eat them. I do have to work on a system for them because “swapping” is just not cutting it. They do come home with them and then ask me if they can eat them so I’m pleased with that. But I have to work out what is the next step. I don’t want them not telling me at all and eating them. I think that would be worse.

Apart from getting pretty strict with what we are eating I am cutting out more dairy. If I told many people around me that, I would probably get the “what about calcium?” question. I got it the other day from a medical receptionist (what the!?). That is why I am telling you guys, as I know I am among company that understands the why’s of dairy. I don’t want to completely cut it out for the long run. I think that dairy products do have their place in our diet. But until we get things sorted with our guts and they are able to handle things better, then I am leaving as much as possible behind.


I have been reading more and websites like Marks Daily Apple , Abel James Fat Burning Man  and Dr Jack Kruse’s website (to name a few.) These are some pretty smart and thinking men and there is something to take from each of them to use and/or adapt to your lifestyle. I have also been using the book “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanflippo for her plans.

Light bulb moments

What struck me was a comment I recently read on Jack Kruse’s website. (I know! Some people love him and others hate him but I think there is something to take away from what he says.) It was about what Jack Kruse is trying to achieve through his “prescription” for his “Epi-Paleo” way of eating. I  can’t remember if it was in the forum or on his blog or blog comments now but basically he’s aimed his plan at those that are far from well and really need to be strict.  (I know I have totally minced that up but that’s the general idea I got from what I read. Sorry Jack if you read this.)

Reading and thinking about how we can take what we are doing up a few notches, I am realising that we are still not “well”. As a family, we are still not at our optimal health. I realise that, for a while we need to get serious and stick to it in order to get to that point of good health. Then when we are healthy (if we even feel like it) we can occasionally apply the 80/20 rule and indulge. But not for now!!!


Watch this space because this is not going to be easy! I know that. There are things that make it hard, like friends and family’s opinions, visiting relatives, school, parties, silly season coming up *eek*. BUT I am going to do my best to keep things nice and ‘clean’ and simple around here.

More than happy to have your comments!!


  1. Parties do make things that much harder! We haven’t made ours go completely Paleo at a party yet, but we have been swapping out the loot bags when we get home. I feel resistance isn’t too far away, so we’re planning on swapping for cash and a shopping trip to a (cheap) toy isle.

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