A primal / paleo day in our house with a Thermomix

People often ask me (Judith) `What changed when you got a Thermomix?’ So I thought I could share what a day looks like now. Please note, that our decision to go primal was made only three weeks prior to getting the Thermie, so the changes were combined.

I also want to say up front that we DO NOT get paid in any way for our reviews/comments re the Thermomix. We are just bragging about a product that we LOVE.

Let’s dive into this day.

Breakfast time:
Jump up and put the eggs on to `poach’ in the steamer top of the TM. It just takes a couple of minutes to crack the eggs into silicone cupcake moulds and put them on for 15 minutes. That’s enough time to have a shower and get dressed. There’s even time to cook some bacon if you want it, though we tend to only do this on weekends. I love that it then only takes a couple of minutes to rinse out the TM and it’s over.

Hubby has been working in the yard and wants a snack. He likes apples, but doesn’t really like to chew on them. He often makes himself a version of TM’s CADA (Coconut, Apple, Dates, & Almonds).  This day it’s an apple (chopped into quarters – skin, seeds and all), a handful of shredded coconut, a small handful of macadamia nuts, and half a banana.  This is as simple as throwing it all in the bowl and blitzing it for about 5 seconds. Great, healthy snack ready to go!!!

Lunch time:
It’s already lunch time and I begin to think about what we will have as I walk upstairs from the office….. The weather is still such that a bowl of soup would be nice. Now, what’s in the fridge? Bone broth! That’s a good start. Add some vegetables…..carrot, zucchini, leek, button mushrooms, sweet potato…whatever is in the fridge will have to do. I chop all of these into chunks and throw them into the TM, blitz for about 3 seconds so that it is in smaller chunks. Saves lots of chopping time. I add some coconut milk and stock paste from the fridge and cook  for  20 minutes.  (This gives me time to do some extra bits and pieces in the kitchen.) The soup just needs some protein to top it off, so I add some pre-cooked prawns from the freezer. Let it cook for about 3 more minutes so that they are hot through, and there is lunch. Total time was about 30 minutes. There’s plenty of time left to eat, do dishes, and be back in the office in under an hour.

Late afternoon:
Hubby decides that we are almost our of Coconut energisers (his favourite for when he is called out with State Emergency Services). It’s his turn to use the TM again.

Out with the desiccated coconut, coconut oil and silicone moulds. Three and a half minutes in the TM and we have coconut butter!! (We set the heat on the TM to 50 degrees C, which makes the process very quick. And it’s easy to pour the butter into moulds.) The kitchen is not his strength so it takes him a bit longer to pour the mixture into the moulds and clean up.

Dinner time:
I discover that we are getting low on butter, so make some before I begin dinner prep. It takes me about 10 minutes from the time the cream comes out of the fridge till the time it goes back into the fridge as butter.

For dinner we have fresh salmon – steamed in the TM. With this we have a variety of steamed vegetables. I’ve included some cauliflower in this as we both like to have cauliflower mash.

All of this has been cooked in the steamer part of the TM, taking just 25 minutes. When done, I set the salmon and veggies aside for a couple of minutes while I prepare the cauliflower mash.

This really is a typical day (nothing added)….and I haven’t used any cooking appliance other than the TM!!!

What do I NOT use the Thermomix for?
Mincing raw meat…..I’ve tried this but would much rather purchase it ready minced.

Some of my favourite things to use the Thermomix for:

I use it to make muffins, cheesecake…..the list is too long. I use it for almost everything I do in the kitchen.

Sharon says:

Like what Mum has written, the TM can be used for so many things. Firstly breakfast… putting the eggs on while I have a shower saves me heaps of time. Not only because I can do two things at once, but think how long 5 lots of eggs takes to poach.

I often make coleslaw for lunch. Cabbage, carrot and an apple with some mayo, about 6 seconds in the TM and I have coleslaw. I could even do it of a morning and pop it in the kids lunch box, then have the leftovers for my lunch.

For me, it’s the time the TM gives me back. At night I can be cooking dinner and doing the kids homework. I’m giving the kids my full attention not constantly juggling the cooking and homework at once.

It really has made going primal easy with being able to go back to basics. I can mill my own almond meal and make my own mayonnaise etc. After the Thermomix was ordered I really did wonder if I would get enough use out of it. After just a couple of days of it arriving, it was so obvious that I would. I even sold off a lot of my other appliances that were cluttering up the cupboards….and I’ve never missed them!

If you’ve got any comments or questions, we’d love to hear them.


  1. What a great post! I love when people use their Thermomix so naturally throughout their day 🙂 It is by far the best investment I have ever made and now I’m loving selling them because I get to share stories like yours with my customers!

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