Taking the kids to a chiropractor

Today I took the girls to see a chiropractor. I had seen one as a child well before it was deemed “popular”. (Is it even really popular now? I don’t think so.) Many of my extended family swear by them and see them on a regular basis. I had seen one a few years ago in an effort to be free of pain to travel to see my grandmother some 7hrs+ drive away. I was in some serious pain and could barely sit long enough for the drive to and from school each day, let alone sit in the car for 7 hours!!

There is still a lot of opinion (usually from those who haven’t given it a go) that they `crack your back’ and everything is back in alignment; that it hurts and really what’s the use anyway?  But its sooo much more.

Why See a Chiropractor
There are SO many reasons to see a chiropractor – subluxation is one of those reasons. If you want to know more, checkout this article.  There is also a great graphic as to what parts of the spine can produce certain symptoms.

Some other reasons are:chiropractor

  • To reduce back pain
  • Reduces allergies and headaches
  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Reduce fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Brain function
  • Asthma
  • Otitis media (ear infection)
  • Overall heatlh and wellness

How I chose a chiropractor
I got a referral for a pediatric chiropractor (best to have one who deals specifically with kids) from my chiropractor from a few years ago, but everytime I called I got an answering service. Sort of put me off so I never went ahead with it. Lets just say, I never pursued it, but knew I had to see one.

I ended up choosing to see a Chiropractor that is 45 minutes drive away. Seems a bit insane? Well, I’m not afraid of driving a bit of a distance to see a professional (I can tell you this guy is GOOD). When I was a kid I used to go nearly twice that (time-wise) to see one.

I also wanted a chiropractor who knew and understood what I was talking about when it comes to Primal living. After talking about it again recently, Mum did a bit of a search for me and found the “Paleo Physicians Network”. Even though I live in Melbourne (a big city) there are not many paleo/primal oriented practitioners listed. After looking at this guys’ website I eventually made an appointment.

Why I took the kids?
I have been having a few problems with all the girls that I believe can be helped, if not fixed, by a chiropractor. I have already been dealing with the diet side of things, but felt that there was much more that could contribute to their optimum health.

All four of my the kids were born by Caesarean section (not all by choice) which has its own traumas for a baby . Then of course, there are just the day to day things that can cause injury or damage. I watched a video on chiropractic and it said “the average 5 year old child has had over 2000 falls of which 200 are considered serious”.

The thing that surprised me at this first visit was that the child that I thought didn’t really need chiropractic was the child that had the most work done. Just goes to show that we don’t always know what is happening in our body.

How it all went

The chiropractor quickly identified that Miss Ames has issues relating to neurons that have not been connected and that she needs to go back and connect those foundational neurons to help her now. Wow! I have been thinking and saying this (even to professionals) for……well…..7 ½ years now. This is the first time a professional has said it to me! Yes, I was relieved that I’d made the effort. So now we have a few exercises to work on to help this along. See, not all about `cracking the back’!

Miss Rae went because she has seasonal asthma….. and I’m sick of it. I saw what my (asthmatic) brother went through for MANY years (he still has problems) and didn’t want her going down that path. It can be pretty scary. She laughed and enjoyed the process and her treatment was all of a few minutes.

Miss Mac has been giving us grief for MANY years. It seems to have been a constant stream of one thing after another. This visit was for her ears and adenoids. A little bit of an adjustment and hopefully we are the road to clearing that ear.

Miss Kooks is the youngest and had the most work to do. Poor chicken. She had several things including her feet not having a good flex. She also had an adjustment on her skull to help the cerebral fluid flow around her brain. Who knew that was happening….certainly not me!

The chiropractor explained everything very well and I learned so much from the session. He was great with the kids (gotta get a paediatric one) and even with the oppositional ones, he managed to get the job done.

Why didn’t I do it earlier?
Well I really should have! There really are no excuses. I guess it was just life getting in the way….. me being exhausted and not well meant I kept putting it off. It sort of proves the fact that if you look after yourself, you can then look after others. Since I have been feeling so much better and not crashing during school holidays, I bit the bullet. It was well worth it!

How often?
Going and seeing a chiropractor isn’t a one off. It really should be part of your monthly routine. My girls had their initial examination and adjustments …..but that’s not the end! They are going to be going back in a couple of days time.

Initially our visits will be every few days reducing to every few weeks and then going onto monthly visits. Basically visits are reduced as you start to respond to the treatment and improved spinal function. Your chiropractor will tell you as your body responds how often your visits will be.

So do you or your family see a chiropractor? If so has it helped? I’d love to hear your story.


  1. Such a great and informative post. Thanks for sharing this post to us. I agree that it is really important to see a chiropractor.

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