I aimed at improving my health – so ditched grains

I have been looking for ways to lose weight for a lot of years now. So after years of not being “not quite well” I started to change what I was aiming for. It really was better health. I wanted to be well again. The side affect of that has been to lose weight, yet that was not my focus. Not a bad side affect though is it!! Here’s what happened.

The decision was made, so I started reading. I read several great books (mentioned in this post) and started doing some practical things towards getting better. We all know that you can read and talk about it all you want, but unless you’re taking action you’re not going to get anywhere. I got halfway through Mark Sissons book “The Primal Blueprint” and knew I just had to do something NOW. I hadnt even finished reading the book!

Based on what I was reading in Mark’s book, I stopped buying things that I no longer wanted to eat (grains and legumes) or have in the house. I told my four children that there would no longer be any bread in the house once they finished the loaf in the cupboard. Of course I got the why questions straight back. In fact, Miss Ames declared “you cant have lunch without bread!” So I and started educating them on what grain-free living was about. There has been bread in our house since….read on to find out more.

It wasn’t many days before I felt I needed to do more. There were many more distractions in my cupboard and things that I knew weren’t good for us. So I pulled everything out and sorted through them. There were some things that just plain needed throwing out. You know, the odd packet of noddles that expired a few years ago and other things like that. Then there were things that needed a new home.

At this point my husband still didn’t subscribe to this lifestyle change. Understandably it was my lifestyle change to start with, not his. I felt it was easier if we all did it as a family, so asked that he didnt eat heaps of the unhealthy foods in the house or buy them when he did the grocery shopping. He has been pretty good so far. All the meals we cook at home are primal meals. He’s happy that there is more meat in the house now….even pork (I’m not a great pork fan). He still likes Gravox gravy on his meat ocassionally and has wraps….. at work.

The first time I cleaned out the cupboards (yes, I’ve done it more than once) I put a whole heap of the unhealthy foods into one cupboard where they were hard to get at. It wasn’t that long…..maybe a month, and and I was doing it all again. This time we ended up with one shelf of the unhealthy foods in a cupboard. Well, it’s down to more like half a shelf now as I’ve replaced them with the primal foods. I needed the space. So we are down to a minimal amout of the non-primal foods and it won’t be long before they are gone for good.

You can check out our “Whats In the Pantry?” post for a list of what I replaced my grains with.


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