Ayam Premium Coconut Cream

Coconut milk is one of the staples that we keep in the pantry ALL THE TIME! There are many brands available, but so far this is the only one we have found that is pure coconut milk with no additives, not even water. (I’d love to say that I make my own all the time, but that is just not reality at the moment.)

I am finding that the major supermarkets are promoting their own brands (usually cheaper, and with lots more additives) so it’s becoming harder to find the Ayam brand.


  1. I agree, it is really hard to find coconut milk without additives. I can’t eat the additives even if I wanted to. I like the Aroy-D brand (comes in a box) or the regular Natural Value brand (not their organic variety, has additives). Worst case scenario, I buy the Trader Joe’s light coconut milk … even though I don’t like the light, at least it’s only coconut milk and water. I’ve never seen the Ayam brand though.

    • Sounds like we have the same problems with this one whether it’s America or Australia. I really like to make my own, but don’t often have the time to do so. Ayam is an Asian brand very common here but may not be in US. I am a bit concerned about the can being lined with BPA though…..can’t find out.

      • Well, no wonder I haven’t seen that brand then! I’ve never actually made my own (yet!), but want to give it a shot one of these days. Do you make yours with fresh coconut or do you use the unsweetened flakes? I’ve seen recipes for it both ways.

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