We ditched the grains – how is it working six months later?

It’s now six months since we decided to go primal and ditched the grains. I thought I’d give a report on how have things been working out for us as a family so far.

Generally, it’s all going very well. The only times I find it hard now are when we have those REALLY busy weeks of rushing around, and there’s nothing left in the fridge (poor planning on my part), or when me, or one of the kids, gets sick. I need to work on both these situations. Otherwise we are doing really well.

How the change is working for me

The health benefits have been great. As I’m writing this I am coming off a cold that I have picked up. It hasnt been as nearly as severe as they used to be. In fact, this is probably only my second bout of sickness since I started all of this.

Weight loss has been happening and I have maintained it, something I havent been able to do for many years. In fact, I used to just see the numbers creeping and despairing as they did. I feel so much better. I don’t get the afternoon tiredness like I used to, and if I do, I know its a sign to slow down or that I’m not eating right. I also have more energy. I’m sleeping heaps better and feeling much better all round.

How the change is working for my kids

So far the kids have made the change really well. The initial shock of no bread didn’t last too long after all. There are lots of other things that go into the lunch boxes now. Once I had told them that certain things were no longer going to be eaten in our house and that they weren’t healthy, they were fine. A little bit of education and some help understanding goes a long way. We have had bread in the house at times (visitors), but as it turned out, the kids didn’t ask for it at all and the loaf ended up going mouldy. A waste, but a great example of how well they have adapted.

Miss Ames (9) doesnt have the headaches that she used to which is great. She doesnt always realise what makes her sick at the time, but foods that aren’t great for her really affect her badly the next day, with a headache and stomach aches.

Miss Rae (6) gets asthma on a seasonal basis. I have found that it’s not as severe this ‘season’, which is great. She also thinks about what foods are good and bad for her and asks why or why not.

Miss Mac. (5) Well she has improved in leaps and bounds. She is gaining weight and now looks healthy. No more emotional outbursts from her either, which is a result of her not feeling sick constantly. She has come to realise what makes her sick although she doesnt always steer clear of those foods.

Miss Kooks. (4) I have a lot more control over what she eats as she’s still home with me. Because she started this at a younger age than when the others did, she has been easier to transition. I find though, that when she does have a bit of ‘junk’, she is a little ‘off’ when it comes to behaviour. (It obviously makes her ill.)

How the change is working for my husband

Well, he’s still not 100% on board. In fact, he somethings things I’m talking silly. If you dont understand why you should be eating more fat it can be confusing. Recently he has been seeing some of the benefits of cutting out a few drinks (soft drink and alcohol) and sticking to more grain-free foods. Grains are still there but he usually has them at work, if at all.

One of the things he has seen is a weight loss of 5 kgs in 3wks. Not bad for not trying or doing any exercise. He has also been making comments about how horrible he feels after eating certain “junk” foods.

So there you have an update on our progress towards a healthier lifestyle and some of the changes that have happened since we ditched the grains and went primal.

We’d love to hear your stories. Feel free to tell us below in the comments section.



  1. nutsfortreasure says:

    I too have been on fruit and veggies with very little grain compared to my old life that saw me, after a wreck, gaining 150 pounds. Now Peanut Butter is eaten on celery or apples lol

    Keep up the good work if you see results and you are all healthir for omitting them go for it!

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