Just Start Walking – iphone app

“Just Start Walking”  is a great app for tracking your walk. It tracks your walk in distance and in time. You can add your own music to your walk, or you can have the app on in the background while listening to a podcast.

It opens up to the ‘home’ page of the app and is pretty easy to use from there. It shows the kilometres and hours that you have walked, which makes it easy to have a quick glance while walking. Under that there is a nice little feature that is a great motivator. Every so often it says, for example, “You have walked the same distance as from Shepparton to Benalla.” This, of course, changes and updates the further you walk.

Some of the other features are:

  • Saving your walk.
  • Sharing your walks with others on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • A practical tips section on walking and technique
  • A Chiropractor locator.
  • A vibration or audio for the walking milestone.


  • Keep yourself accountable by pledging a distance or time to walk daily or each week.
  • Set the “Auto Stop” slide to “on”. I have mine on so that when I stop the timer stops with it.
  • Don’t forget to follow the instructions in the settings section for configuring your steps. Its a one time only thing and helps the app to track your walk and progress.

I found that it tracked one of my walks to be WAY longer than it really was a few times but there has been an update since then. So far I can’t say I have had the same problem since then.


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