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This one is a real treat!! Save it for when you want a nice rich, smooth taste of a yummy hot chocolate. It does have coconut sugar in it, but none of the regular nasties (aka. additives with numbers and un-pronouncable names).

For Melbournites, we got ours from Heath Food Thyme at McAdam Square, Croydon North. There are lots of stockists throughout Australia (this is an Australian company). Go to their website for the list.

Tip: We make ours with A2 milk but if you are wanting to avoid dairy try it with coconut milk instead. Very nice!


  1. I’ve been buying this brand of raw cacao but will definitely get this for hot chocs. The health food store at Forest Hill Chase has a large range of this brand (and many others) for those in the general area. I’ll be buying some coconut flour and oil tomorrow to make some of the Chunky Monkey Muffins!

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