Paleo / Primal breakfasts for all the family

bacon and eggs`What do I have for breakfast now that I’m doing this paleo thing?’ Such a common question.

For the past fifty years (or even more) we have been conditioned to a breakfast based on grains, if indeed we ate breakfast. Packaged cereals (or rolled oats porridge if you’re doing it the really `healthy’ way), toast, English muffins, crumpets (all topped with something sweet of course). For some of our readers it might have been bagels, blueberry muffins, pastries, or croissants.

Or perhaps it was just a cup of coffee, sweetened of course. For many breakfast has to be quick and easy, or none at all.

But now you have decided that you would change to the paleo / primal way of eating. It really does mean re-thinking breakfast.  (Who said that breakfast had to be cereals anyway?) But what to do?

For quite some time we have been enjoying a `good’ breakfast, but we certainly had some tweaking to do. Here is a little of our story and some suggestions for great breakfasts.

My hubby has Type 2 Diabetes and has had for the past 12 years. His doctor is amazed that it is still well controlled by diet and exercise. It would normally be expected that he would be on insulin by this stage. We have worked hard to make sure that his blood sugar levels (BGL) were fairly stable. And even though his HbA1c readings were well within limits, there were always things that would cause his daily blood sugar levels to spike at times.

Rolled oats (oatmeal for our American friends) had always been part of his morning routine and was probably the hardest change he had to make. However, going off all grains and processed foods has made a huge difference. It is now quite easy for him to maintain normal range blood sugar levels.

I had been having a very good quality, low GI meal replacement shake for breakfast for some years. On weekends I enjoyed a relaxed brunch of eggs, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes, …..and wished that could be every day. But there’s the time factor!!

There was no phasing into something new for us. We just decided to make the change – and did! The next morning it was bacon and eggs. (We didn’t even miss the toast!!)


  • Breakfast is a meal. Consider it fuel for the day.
  • Make it hearty.
  • Breakfast DOES NOT have to equal grains!!
  • There are no set rules about what we eat for breakfast. Experiment to see what you & your family like.
  • Try having left overs from the night before
  • Prepare things ahead and have them in the fridge
  • Get the kids to make suggestions
  • Don’t perpetuate the need/desire for bread


  • Bacon and eggs – of course. We put the eggs on to `poach’ (steam) in the Thermomix. They take 15 minutes so there’s time to have a shower, dress, and cook the bacon!
  • Omelette
  • Fritatta – I make mini ones in silicone muffins cups and have them in the fridge. Quick to re-heat on a busy morning. Our recipe here.
  • Steak and vegetables
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Boiled eggs
  • Soup
  • Fruit salad and A2 yogurt
  • Avocado grilled with ham and cheese – our recipe here
  • Bacon and avocado in lettuce cups
  • Coconut yogurt
  • Fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt, & coconut flakes.
  • Banana bread – our recipe here
  • Platter of meats and vegetables
  • Sausages and vegetables
  • Fish and vegetables
  • Meat balls
  • Sliced, crunchy apple with cheese slices
  • Green smoothies
  • Fruit smoothies
  • And don’t forget the JLM. A mug of this, hot or cold, is a great way to add and extra `oomph’ to breakfas

All this sounds like a lot of work? And it may be at first. It is a whole new way of thinking so it may take some time.

Sharon says:

I always seemed to struggle to get the kids to eat their breakfast. One would want oats and fruit, another Weet-bix, and then one would want toast and all of them would want it. I spent my morning rushing around the kitchen trying to get everything done. I was turning into a short order cook.

Then of course there was lunch to prepare (yes, I make their lunches fresh each morning). So trying to get myself organized and out the door with the kids fed and dressed was a stressful event most mornings. Especially when Miss Mac refused to eat anything at all.

Since changing to a primal lifestyle I’m sleeping better and have things working fairly well. Like Mum, I have a Thermomix so I put my ‘poached’ eggs on (and boil some for school at the same time if necessary) and head for the shower. Breakfast is basically done, with the exception of putting the bacon on and frying eggs for Miss Ames (she still will only have them fried). If I do sleep a bit longer a `milkshake’ is in order for everyone. In fact, they like them most mornings. So nice and easy.

I have a little bit more time many mornings when Miss Rae gets in and makes everyone’s lunch. Some mornings she has most of it done, I just have to do the cutting. Gotta love it when you can foster independence and healthy living, all in one go….and with less stress.

I won’t say there is no stress of a morning now, but it has been reduced, and some mornings we are even ready early to jump in the car and go to school.

We’d love for you to share your favourite ideas for a primal / paleo breakfast.


  1. Yum! I need to try your JLM. I’m sure I’ll win Mum Of The Year in this house once I do. We have yoghurt & fruit, eggs any way, bacon & sausages, coconut pancakes (double batch so some can go in the freezer), your banana bread (made into muffins, they seem to be more appealing that way), your apple banana muffins or smoothies. We also make the waffles in the Eat Like A Dinosaur book (make ahead and freeze) from time to time, but definitely not on demand! The kids have adjusted nicely and I was bored with “normal” breakfast foods, so I’m loving it!

    • The JLM is certainly a winner in our house Di. Will keeps trying to find new ways that he can have it!! Love seeing the variety on the breakfast menu at your house. So glad to hear that the kids are adjusting well too. Have you noticed any changes in them, or is it too early to tell? I’m amazed at the changes in our Grandies! J.

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