What is Paleo / Primal lifestyle?

If you are reading this you are already looking for something more for your health. You are probably sick and tired of being sick and tired – wanting more from life. This is a starter guide on what a paleo/primal lifestyle is and entails. Hopefully it will get you on the way to finding out more and moving toward a better, healthier life.

For a start, it is not strictly just a diet, although you will find it referred to as such. (Lets face it the word ‘diet’ gets attention.) It is commonly said that a person is `going on a diet’ and that, by implication, means that one day they will go off that diet. Thus, this is not a diet in that sense.

It’s not just a change in diet, it’s a change in lifestyle! For me, this is the first time that I can say that I know what that means.

So what is Paleo / Primal living? In a nutshell it’s a way of eating, moving and thinking. It’s about going back to how we used to eat long before agriculture became big business, and eating the way it was intended. It’s about not eating a S.A.D (Standard American/Australian Diet) full of processed, modified (GM) `foods’.

 Sounds easy, right? Well, it can be! 

 What do you eat now we have nearly eliminated the entire supermarket?

There are two types of ancestoral/paleolithic types of eating. One is known generally as Primal, and the other Paleo.

  • Primal is eating meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and healthy fats while avoiding all grains, processed foods and sugars, legumes, starches and alcohol.
  •  Paleo is basically the same as primal, but avoids dairy.

That’s pretty easy so far? It can be done, and has been done by many people for many years now. So now lets get some movement into it all.

And what about Primal and Paleo exercise?

You want to be moving consistently, at a slow pace. Avoid chronic cardio but run away from a lion occasionally and get a bit of sprinting in there once in a while. Make sure you are getting some lifting in there and lift heavy things. Toddlers are great natural `weights’!!

OK. That’s got the diet and exercise bit introduced. The other aspects of a paleo/primal lifestyle include getting lots of sleep, play, getting plenty of sunlight each day, avoid trauma and poisonous things.

So what do you do now?

Get started!! Throw away your scales (well, you might need them at some point) and stop counting calories. Clean out the pantry. Go shopping for all the grain free goodness. Cook up a storm (check out our recipes for some ideas.) Go for a walk daily. Reduce your stress and get a good night’s sleep every night.

Why not give it a go for just 30 days and see how you feel. It may just change your life for ever.

Please leave us your comments or questions.

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