Why eat these new things? Kale

Judith here…. I have to say that I have not been super keen to try this one – it’s not familiar  and it just doesn’t look attractive to me. Sharon told me about her efforts with making kale `crisps’ so I tried them, but wasn’t convinced. I really am interested in the health benefits and had heard it spoken of as a food that is beneficial in many ways. Of course that led to some research. So here’s the scoop….or some of it.

Mark Sisson sums it up well on his blog `Marks Daily Apple’…..

`Kale and its cruciferous cronies contain a number of phytochemicals thought to reduce the risk of cancer, including sulforaphane, which has been shown to reduce the risk of gene-based cancers affecting the breast and colon, and isothiocyanates, which reduce the risk of bladder cancer. In addition, kale also contains a flavanoid called maempferol that is thought to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by as much as 40% and other compounds that are thought to reduce lung cancer risk. Finally, kale contains the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are thought to prevent damage to the eyes caused by ultraviolet light and reduce future risk of cataracts.

In terms of vitamins and minerals, kale is an excellent source of vitamin A (providing 194% of the recommended daily allowance per one cup serving), which is important for lung health, as well as vitamin C for immune support and vitamin B6 and manganese, which are important for fat metabolism. In addition, kale is a very good source of dietary fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamin E.’

So, there you have it. We will post a recipe for a kale dish tomorrow. Let us know if you try this vegetable and what you’ve done with it.


  1. Sylvia Shannon says:

    I have a great recipe for kale and apple quinoa salad that can be eaten that can be eaten warm or cold. Made some for pot luck at church this past Sun. Be glad to send it to you. I really love quinoa and since it’s complete protein, can be a substitute for meat.

  2. I tried Kale chips. They filled the desire for something crispy, but honestly, I think the salt was what kept us eating them! I used the rest in place of spinach in my ‘lasagne’ which went down well. Looking forward to your recipe!

  3. I’ve been playing around with some Kale recipes (including this Kale Chips one: http://ohsnapletseat.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/kale-chips-recipe-healthy-yummy-and-easy-to-make) and I have to say I’m a fan of kale now! Especially because they are good for you too!

    Thanks for sharing!
    -Tina from http://ohsnapletseat.wordpress.com

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