Why the change & what’s happening?

From Sharon…

There are many reasons why I started on the road to a better healthy me. The big one was that I was “sick of being sick”. Cliche right?!  After a bad year in 2010 of being sick or “not quiet well” for over half of the year I knew it was time to get things sorted. As a mum of 4 young children I had to to be able to look after them, not just get through the day.

Unfortunately it wasn’t till the end of 2011 that I finally got into it. We had a rough start to the year with my Grandmother (a huge support to me) dying after a short illness. I didn’t manage to pick myself up till the end of 2011. I knew I had to start somewhere so I started with exercise. Exercise was never my strong point, so I began to read “The Realage Workout” by Michael Roizen and Tracy Hafen for inspiration and somewhere to start. It changed the way I thought about exercise and got me out and about. I got to a point where exercise was only taking me so far, so I began to work on my eating and nutrition.

I then got another book from the Dr Oz stables and started to read it….I still haven’t finished it. It was while I was waiting for my copy of “The Realage Diet” that my mum sent me a copy of “Everyday Paleo” by Sarah Fragoso. I still haven’t opened the other book and  it’s now collecting dust on my bookshelf. Something clicked, and I had to read more about the Paleo lifestyle.

At Mum’s prompting I began to read the “Marks Daily Apple” website and “The Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson. I have not stopped reading since, and that is nearly 5 months ago. Before the end of “The Primal Blueprint” I was pulling my cupboards apart and buying more coconut oil. I was convinced!! Since then I have not stopped reading and loving the changes in myself and my family.

I have seen the following changes so far….

  • I have lost 14 kgs and kept it off.
  • My body shape is changing
  • My arthritis in my lower back is basically gone
  • General inflammation in my body has subsided
  • I can bend and lift without pain
  • My migraines are are now an exception and not a rule
  • I have probably been sick one day since I started.
  • My sleep patterns are better
  • Stress levels are down

For my family I have seen things like…

  • Eating better….in some cases, actually eating
  • Less sickness – and thus not missing days at school
  • Cleared ears
  • Better concentration
  • Better behaviour

Theres still along way to go. Looking forward to keeping you posted.


  1. Best of luck with your new blog – you have me intrigued.

  2. Yay for you! 14kg’s is a BIG DEAL!! And all the other benefits to boot! Daryl and I are well on our way, I’m yet to fully commit to bringing the kids over. I know it’s the best thing I can do for them, I just need to get my head around enough stuff they like before I remove all the grainy things they love. I know they won’t starve, I just need to get organised really!!
    Looking forward to more inspiration from you and your family! xx

  3. jade baravilala says:

    cant wait to get my new kitchen! Lots of great coconut products there on the kokonut website. Looking forward to more recipes and advice 🙂

  4. You’ll soon be in your new kitchen Jade!! I am amazed at what we have been learning about the health benefits of the simple coconut. There’s a post on coconut oil coming very soon. We use it in so many ways. We also make coconut butter And use so many other coconut products.

    The guys at Coconut Pacific are wonderful, and have such a great range of products. I also love that their businesinks about community velopment in the Pacific island nations (& other parts of the world).


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